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At that moment, the Wasp was calling on Roy Fayle, the general manager of Planet Aircraft.

Finally, Fayle picked up the telephone, called the purchasing department and requested that Mr.

It happened that the Wasp had been thinking in terms of parachutes even before Fayle mentioned them.

He knew much more about the methods of Planet Aircraft than Fayle supposed.

JAMES RAINS arrived, and Roy Fayle promptly introduced him to Leon Elgard.

The action brought another smile from Fayle, for Elgard had given him, too, a card by way of introduction.

Patrick noted the odor of insect spray in the air, but supposed that Fayle must have used the sprayer before leaving for the garden.

Flames spurted, but Fayle promptly cut them off, along with the motor.

It was inevitable that Fayle should come to the name of Kent Allard, and when he did, there were no dissenters.

The only question was whether Fayle could locate Allard and induce him to come from retirement.

HOW efficiently Roy Fayle could act was demonstrated the next morning, when Kent Allard received a telephone call from the general manager of Planet Aircraft.

When he heard that Allard was already negotiating with Amalgamated Export on another proposition, Fayle said that it would be all the better.

The Shadow agreed, and also said that he would welcome any publicity that Fayle might give the coming test.

It was far more plausible that the Wasp wanted first to eliminate Roy Fayle, who held the same status with Planet Aircraft that Craig Upman had enjoyed with Amalgamated Export.

He foresaw that the stroke would come tomorrow, when Fayle made the motor test.