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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Faxed \Faxed\, a. [AS. feaxede haired, fr. feax hair. Cf. Paxwax.] Hairy. [Obs.]


Etymology 1

  1. (context obsolete English) Having a head of hair; hairy. alt. (context obsolete English) Having a head of hair; hairy. Etymology 2


  2. (en-past of: fax)

Usage examples of "faxed".

They even had wine faxed in from the far-flung vineyard-estate communities.

Harman realized that he was still expecting to disappear when his final birthday rolled around, and then be faxed up to the rings even if there were no healing tanks left there to receive him.

He explained that if any of these people faxed back with important news and the sonie was not available, fifteen of the guard troop would accompany the messenger back to Ardis Hall.

One by one they faxed out, tapping the first of their codes onto the diskplate pad on the column in the center of the pavilion and flicking out of sight.

Even if it took a full twelve hours to warn the people in the other cities and nodes, it would be full daylight when he faxed last to Paris Crater.

The Circles at Ulanbat were now completely enclosed in the strange blue strands and Daeman had faxed away at once before the cold seized him there, tapping in the code for Paris Crater, not knowing what to expect there.

When someone faxed up to the rings on any of his or her normal four Twenties of life, you went to the nearest fax pavilion.

Isle, in the Firmary tanks where naked bodies arrived, were fixed by the bubbling nutrient and blue worms, and were faxed back.

The usual puff of air and visual flicker as people faxed out of existence simply did not happen.

The voynix got most of us, half a dozen or so of us made it to the fax pavilion and faxed away for help before the fax quit working, and the five others and I were on the penthouse of the Hughes Town Tower with five hundred voynix occupying everything.

Daeman had faxed to an empty node at fourteen thousand feet above sea level, an uninhabited, wind-ravaged, snow-pelted node known only as Pikespik, to test it.

Even Krogh, who had changed the worlds forever, reaped only a tiny royalty when someone faxed him- or herself across space and time, the morbidity filter one of many background processes running behind every collapsiter grid transaction.

With death a hunted quality, faxed away with every minor journey, perhaps civilization was finally able to take a longer view.

Finally Vivian had faxed up a set of magnetic playing cards and convinced Tamra to make their use an Official Business of the Royal Committee.

Above them both, the ceiling had arched itself into a dome of glass, through which the faxed telescope could observe the heavens.