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FAW or Faw can refer to:

  • Football Association of Wales, the third-oldest national association in the world
  • Fellowship of Australian Writers, an Australian lobbying group
  • FAW Group, a Chinese automotive manufacturing company
  • Al-Faw Peninsula, a marshy region adjoining the Persian Gulf
  • Al-Faw, a small port town in Iraq
  • Al-Faw Palace, a palace in Baghdad

Usage examples of "faw".

I can assure you I have quite a lot at my disposal all kinds of different spells fee faw fums, mumbo jumbos, abraxas, love potions, he glanced quickly at the queen here and added, though I see you have no need of the last of those, having a very beautiful wife whom you love to distraction.

Mistress Faw was Romany herself, and she greeted Lorayne like a sister.

Barbara Faw took up the argument, sparing Lorayne and Coedric the need to speak further.

Tibbie Faw, and there puir Steenie cried for a mutchkin of brandy, for he had had no refreshment the haill day.