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a. Short form of favorite.

Usage examples of "favy".

As they threaded the boulders Favier twisted in his saddle to give a parting wave, then put his heels back.

Both Favier and de Maquerre showed the tiredness of men who had ridden good horses half to death, who were weary in every bone and soaked to the skin.

I could tell you stories,'' Favier shrugged, as though the stories were too awful for a naval captain's ears.

Ducos' daring scheme had been more successful than Favier had dared hope and, thanks to a growling wind and a falling glass, and thanks to some well-told lies, a Rifleman would be marooned in France, and the trap-jaws would clash home.

Jules Favier, who had taken his horse safely beyond the drawbridge before the destruction began, shook Bampfylde's hand.

A lieutenant paused, turned at the fuse's end, and Favier saw the snap of light as flint struck steel.

It would, of course, have been far more elegant if Favier had tricked Sharpe into marching through open countryside towards Bordeaux, but the ploy of the forged Bourbon commission had failed and Ducos acknowledged that Favier and de Maquerre had done well.

He waited on the ramparts, wondering what surprises the French general planned, and found himself contemplating the very thing Favier had encouraged.

Behind Favier was a general, cloak open to show the braid on his jacket, and behind the general was Ducos.

Frederickson and Killick joined Sharpe, then the general demanded a translation that Favier provided.

The Comte de Maquerre, after an emotional farewell to the newly woken Favier, went to the Scylla.

Inspectors Malcoste and Favier came in to collect the dossiers of the four cases on which Lebel had been working when he had been called away earlier that evening.

He spent half an hour briefing Malcoste on the two cases he was assigning to him, and Favier on the other two.