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Favre is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brett Favre (born 1969), U.S. football player (NFL); husband of Deanna Favre
  • Claude Favre de Vaugelas (1585–1650), French grammarian
  • Corinne Favre (born 1970), French ski instructor and competitive ski mountaineer
  • Cristina Favre-Moretti (born 1963), Swiss ski mountaineer
  • Deanna Favre (born 1968), U.S. breast cancer activist; wife of Brett Favre
  • Émilie Favre (born 1992), French ski mountaineer
  • Gilbert Favre (1936–1998), Bolivian flautist
  • Jules Favre (1809–1880), French statesman
  • Louis Favre (1826–1879), Swiss civil engineer; builder of the Gotthard Rail Tunnel
  • Louis Favre (footballer) (1923–2008), French footballer and manager
  • Lucien Favre (born 1957), Swiss footballer
  • Luis Favre, pen name of Felipe Belisario Wermus (born 1949), Brazilian journalist and political activist; husband of ideMarta Suplicy, a former mayor of São Paulo
  • Philippe Favre (1961–2013), Swiss racing driver
  • St. Pierre Favre, known as "Peter Faber" (1506–1546), co-founder of the Society of Jesus
  • Pierre Favre (musician) (born 1937), Swiss jazz drummer
  • Sandrine Favre (born 1988), French ski mountaineer
  • Simon Favre (1760–1813), U.S. interpreter of Muskogean languages; ancestor of Brett Favre
  • Valentin Favre (born 1987), French ski mountaineer