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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

n. A fava bean; a bean (seed or seed pod) of the plant ''Vicia faba'' or the plant itself.


Usage examples of "fava".

On the other side, several young girls were busy winnowing fava seeds from beans, singing quietly and without much joy.

Into my crates go the pork, the liver, the pavées, filets, some duck breasts, a bag of fava beans, herbs and vinegar for sauce.

Chilled lobster was stacked on fava bean puree and drizzled with Ligurian olive oil.

He’d put in fava beans the year before, as they added the nitrogen his cotton was so greedy for.

The fava bean crop had done reasonably well, but it hadn’t produced a solid profit.

The cult, born of Miami’s necessary demonology-according to which Castro the devil, Hannibal-the-Cannibal Castro, would eat the boy alive, would tear out his immortal soul and munch it down with a few fava beans and a glass of red wine-instantly developed a priesthood as well.

They divide conscious matter into five general classifications, or favas, according to the number of senses each entity possesses.