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Faul is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ashlee Faul (born 1993), Australian association footballer
  • Bill Faul (born 1909-1974), Australian rules footballer
  • Bill Faul (baseball) (1940–2002), American baseball pitcher from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Denis Faul (1932–2006), Irish Roman Catholic priest
  • Jan Faul, photographer
  • Michelle Faul, AP Reporter, West Africa, Ebola

Usage examples of "faul".

MacNeish, a teuchter but a solid man for all that, and Faul and Milton, both Scots.

Faul of 1856, I showed my show in Uticky, a trooly grate sitty in the State of New York.

He was a total stranger, he was Sev, he was Senator Cenevix, he was Faul del Parma.

Because when Faul had balked at giving her complete ownership of the company, Fassa had leaned elegantly on his desk and speculated aloud about her chances of getting a position with one of the major newsbeamers.

Faul del Parma had whisked his daughter into a very exclusive, very private boarding school where no gossipbyters could find her and ask inconvenient questions.