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Faught is a surname and can refer to:

  • George Faught (born 1962), American businessman and politician
  • Ken Faught (born 1968), American editor
  • Michael K. Faught, American archaeologist
  • Colin Joseph Faught, Living legend

Usage examples of "faught".

August 6, 1969, Detective Crouse interviewed a clerk named Roxanne Faught, who worked at a minimart on Highway 101.

I had a prior address for Roxanne Faught, but nothing for Cloris Bargo.

Roxanne Faught had turned her front porch into an outdoor room, with pale sisal carpet, a dark green painted porch swing, two white wicker rockers, occasional tables, and a double-sided magazine rack, one half stuffed with issues of People and the other with copies of Better Homes and Gardens.