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There was nothing to tie the credit card transaction to Faud, however, which meant getting a subpoena to check that credit card account was highly unlikely.

An investigator had spoken to his teachers and yes, Faud Daraghmeh had decent attendance.

The calls were always around four in the afternoon, after Faud got home and while Mrs.

Providence had saved Faud from being arrested like the others, but the news of the raid on the warehouse in Staten Island shocked him.

Fisher concentrated on the men first, spending a good deal of Thursday and much of Friday morning ruling them out as Faud Daraghmeh.

He wondered if it was possible that Spaneas had let Faud stay with him.

Washington Heights apartment had actually lived there, with stuff and everything, unlike the apartment Faud had blown up?

He got down on his stomach and slid beneath the pipes to the entrance Faud had used.

When Faud started firing, Fisher pulled himself out, fired once, and tumbled down onto the tracks.

East Shoppe in White Plains, except for bill collectors, meter readers, and delivery men sent by the lunatic Iranian, Faud Banidegh, who seemed intent on burying Solly Martin under mountains of Islamic crescents, half in cheap golden metal and the other half in mother of pearl.

Raf told himself and lifted a bunch of red flowers from a bucket in front of a store near the corner of al-Atarinne and Rue Faud Premier.