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n. (plural of fate English) vb. (context rare English) (en-third-person singular of: fate)

Fates (album)

Fates is the first album by the young Canadian guitarist Erik Mongrain. Released in December 2006, Fates contains ten songs including "AirTap!", "PercussienFa", "I Am Not", "Fusions" and "La Dernière Pluie". The album was produced by Serge Fiori.

Mongrain worked on the album for over two years, which was released worldwide on June 2007. The CD cover shows a chess bishop, drawn by Yan Mongrain, the guitarist's brother.


The Fates were a common motif in European polytheism, most frequently represented as a group of three mythological goddesses (although the numbers differed in certain eras and cultures). They were often depicted as weavers of a tapestry on a loom, with the tapestry dictating the destinies of men. The primary instances were:

  • Moirai, the Fates of Greek mythology who control the Threads of Fate
  • Parcae, the Fates of Roman mythology
  • Sudice (mythology), the Fates of Slavic mythology
  • Norns, the Fates of Norse mythology and related to other female deities in Germanic paganism

This motif has been replicated in fictional accounts, such as:

  • Three Witches, characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth
  • The Fates, characters in Disney's Hercules
  • The Sisters of Fate (God of War II), video game characters based on the Greek Fates.

Usage examples of "fates".

Our chances for clemency are going to be a whole lot better if the Fates have a chance to see what Eris was doing in the Fate Core before they find us.

If the Fates had been true to form, there was a nasty pathogen of some kind in there, and anything that worked on webgoblins was probably also effective against webtrolls.

The Temple of Fate marked the point where the three demesnes of the Fates intersected.

I watched as the two Fates pulled out athames and jacked into their respective webtrolls.

Ahllan had run a secret empire under the very noses of the Fates for all these years without ever getting caught.

The Fates have marked me for death, and the Furies are hunting me even as we speak.

But I do have an idea for prying two Fates and three Furies loose from your back.

Chaos knows that slipping the germs of self-determination past the Fates was a tricky bit of business for the Goddess of Fortune and me.

What did you mean when you said sending you to the Fates would be as bad as chopping you up?

Anything I do to affect the outcome will change the tone of the note, so the second I try to cast my spell, whether it works or not, Atropos and the other Fates will instantly be aware of the change.

She was still stone gorgeous, but now she possessed the same statuelike quality of distance as the Fates or Furies.

You have to have a binding deal with the Fates before you surrender yourself into their power.

My own choices and those of the Fates had opened a gulf between my grandmother and me that could never be wholly bridged.

I had the pleasure of seeing both Fates twitch, all but acknowledging a hit on my part.

While Cerice and I had been getting reacquainted, the Fates and the Furies had continued their dialogue with Eris.