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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But he was still fated not to complete his voyage without problems.
▪ Even so, he feared that St Matthew's was fated to be the centre of a dreadful attention.
▪ His daughter was fated to face the same problem.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fated \Fat"ed\, p. p. & a.

  1. Decreed by fate; destined; doomed; as, he was fated to rule a factious people.

    One midnight Fated to the purpose.

  2. Invested with the power of determining destiny. [Obs.] ``The fated sky.''

  3. Exempted by fate. [Obs. or R.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1715, "set apart by fate;" 1721, "doomed, destined," past participle adjective from fate (v.).

  1. foreordain, predetermined, established in advance by fate. v

  2. (context rare English) (en-past of: fate)


adj. (usually followed by `to') determined by tragic fate; "doomed to unhappiness"; "fated to be the scene of Kennedy's assassination" [syn: doomed]


Fated may refer to:

  • Fate - the general concept of a predetermined course of events
  • Fated (album), a 2015 album by Nosaj Thing
  • Fated (book) - the second published novel by San Francisco author S. G. Browne, published in November 2010. One of the characters is Fate itself, personified.
  • Fated, the first book in Benedict Jacka'sAlex Verus series
  • Glitter/Fated - a song by Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Fated (2005), a Nigerian movie drama
Fated (album)

Fated is the third studio album by American electronic musician Nosaj Thing. It was released on Innovative Leisure Records and Timetable Records on May 4, 2015.

Usage examples of "fated".

Nastasya Filippovna is fated to disappear for much of the last half of the novel, then the author needs an additional cynosure in order to keep his apocalyptic design in plain view.

I cannot smoke as other fellows do, and should be fated never to hold a chibouk between my first and second fingers, or to inhale and puff smoke through a flaxen moustache!

And it was the high-priest Gnai-Kah who first saw the shadows that descended from the gibbous moon into the lake, and the damnable green mists that arose from the lake to meet the moon and to shroud in a sinister haze the towers and the domes of fated Sarnath.

Wai-ata-tapu seemed fated to appear, came Huia, nervously twisting her hands.

I thought, Jant, if you do this you stand a very high chance of never flying again and then you will be nothing but a fated mortal.

To secure it is a positive triumph quite distinct from the fated dissolution of the khandas in death.

A purer or milder spirit than hers, one that more sensitively shrinks from rude collision, does not exist, and yet, on whichever side she turns her eyes, she meets with appalling prejudices or opinions to drive a gentle nature like hers to madness It may be a misfortune, Adelheid, to want instruction, and to be fated to pass a life in the depths of ignorance, and in the indulgence of brutal passions, but it is scarcely a blessing to have the mind elevated above the tasks which a cruel and selfish world so frequently imposes.

The green-wood glade, the cultivated fields, noble castles, and smiling villages were changed to churchyard and tomb: want, famine and hate ravaged the fated land.

I thought it was the anathema of Adept magic I was fated to receive, but it was the logic mine own canine brain was too confused to make.

People kept appearing from behind a high rampart and trudging across the overpass, shoulders dusted with snow, hundreds of people moving with a kind of fated determination.

The disease in short arm hath a gimmick for going places unlike certain unfortunate viruses who are fated to languish unconsummate in the guts of a tick or a jungle mosquito, or the saliva of a dying jackal slobbering silver under the desert moon.

But Spain was far away, and on one pretext or another so much delay occurred that it was not till March 18, 1728, that the Jesuits were reinstated in the college in Asuncion, which they were now fated to hold but for a little space.

Age after age, the spirit that glorious nomad may shift its tent, fated not to rest in the dull Elysium of the heathen, but carrying with it evermore its twin elements, activity and desire.

Harold Gerber was just hurting for life, wondering if he was fated to drag his corpse through the world for maybe another fifty years, acting like a goddamn maniac and really wanting the whole fucking globe to blow up-the sooner the better.

Quintus Mucius Scaevola and Publius Rutilius Rufus were both in residence, but Marius and Julia were fated not to get to know Scaevola better, for he was just about to leave for Rome.