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FATA (hard disk drive)

The FATA or FC-ATA is a type of computer hard disk drive. FATA is simply the low cost ATA or SATA disk drive equipped with a small external converter, that bridges the interface to Fibre Channel (FC). This allows users to use the disk in the enterprise-class disk enclosure, at about half of the cost of a native FC drive (cost per gigabyte of capacity).


Faţa may refer to several places in Romania:

  • Faţa, a village in Albac Commune, Alba County
  • Faţa-Lăzeşti, a village in Scărişoara Commune, Alba County
  • Faţa Abrudului, a village in Câmpeni town, Alba County
  • Faţa Cristesei and Faţa Lăpuşului, villages in Arieșeni Commune, Alba County
  • Faţa Pietrii, a village in Stremț Commune, Alba County
  • Faţa lui Nan, a village in Cozieni Commune, Buzău County
  • Faţa Roşie, a village in Bătrâna Commune, Hunedoara County
  • Faţa Motrului, a village in Stângăceaua Commune, Mehedinţi County
  • Faţa Cremenii, a village in Tâmna Commune, Mehedinţi County

Usage examples of "fata".

Substitit Aeneas gemituque haec edidit alto: Nos alias hinc ad lacrimas eadem horrida belli Fata vocant.

Thoroughly reminded of why he avoided heavy drinking, Dreibrand grabbed his armor and plodded into Fata Nor, searching for a well.

I will not let your blasphemous treachery put the citizens of Fata Nor at risk.

And his conduct with the Rysmavda Nebeck in Fata Nor four days ago had not escaped her attention.

He had not expected leaving her in Fata Nor to upset him so much, but it added to his motivation to survive.

A village smaller than Fata Nor, but similar in appearance, waited across the water.

In the two weeks since the Temu war party had left Fata Nor, she had slept excessively.

To the left sat Fata Nor, and to the right stretched two roads cutting through wooded uplands that met at the base of the hill.

Nebeck and his junior rysmavda had not joined the people of Fata Nor in greeting the returning war party.

Miranda said, recalling the tension when the Kezanada had entered Fata Nor.

Taischek instead of backtracking to Fata Nor with me so he would spend less time on the road and avoid the Kezanada.

Dreibrand had learned that Onja could communicate with her priests via the large orbs in the temples, and he very well expected the rysmavda in Fata Nor to know what had happened in Dursalene.

The Temu Tribe was far richer than the foothill town of Fata Nor had indicated.

Dreibrand returned to a deep slumber and Miranda realized that while she had been recuperating in Fata Nor he had known no rest on the warpath.

They left the roads before reaching Fata Nor, desiring to avoid traffic.