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Fass may refer to:

  • Fass 57 (SIG 510), a battle rifle
  • FASS 90 (SIG 550), an assault rifle

Fass or Faß is the surname of:

  • John Fass, an American graphic designer
  • Baddon Fass, a fictional character in Dark Empire and Dark Empire II
  • Bob Fass (born 1933), radio personality
  • Frederick Fass (1853–1930), baseball player
  • George Fass and Gertrude Fass, see 77 Sunset Strip
  • Myron Fass, 1970s magazine entrepreneur
  • Patricia Fass Palmer, producer of The Powers That Be

FASS may also refer to:

  • FASS (drug formulary), Farmaceutiska Specialiteter i Sverige, the Swedish national formulary of drugs
  • Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters, an international non-profit NGO - see Assamese Associations
  • FASS, a University of Waterloo theater group