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n. The faculty of looking far ahead; farsightedness; prescience.

Usage examples of "farsight".

Viridovix marveled at how his friend had grown from a roistering young blood in Videssos to a farsighted chieftain over the course of a year.

In some cases exercises to strengthen and control eye muscles have improved the vision of nearsighted or farsighted persons.

She possessed every quality that set apart those noble in spirit as well as blood: tall and handsome, prudent and humble, diligent and pious, farsighted and discreet, eloquent, patient, amiable, and stern.

The gringos tended to grease the squeaky wheellike everyone else in the world, perhaps, but still it was not terribly farsighted of them.

Any decision Belial took regarding the Icarii he made sure to discuss with FarSight and his Crest-Leaders.

Indeed, FarSight and his two senior Crest-LeadersHoverEye Black Wing and SpreadWing RavenCryhad been included in Belial s inner circle on an equal footing with Magariz, Arne and Azhure.

Nordra, Belial and Magariz close behind him as FarSight and EvenSong lifted into the sky.

Behind StarDrifter was MorningStar, and behind her the three Sentinels, Belial and FarSight CutSpur.

This was the quixotic beginning of Starfleet’s reach out into deep space, the Federation’s first great manifestation of farsight, and this ship its first deep-space anticipator.

Those farsighted people chose to merge their inefficient little chiefdoms into a larger state capable of blessing them with large-scale irrigation.

The travellers without farsight (and this included most of the human golds, who had received their torcs as honorariums from the King, irrespective of any metapsychic latency) had their vision limited to a little over two metres, a scant chaliko length.

In our early childhood, following that initial stress-provoked incident of farspeech and farsight out in the woods, we experienced other near-involuntary telepathic interchanges.

They were also lookout towers from which farsighted jijites could keep watch on the surrounding plains-and on other, marauding members of their own kind.

What a man wants in order to run for the office of sheriff is a reputation for being a square, solid, substantial business man, and that is what you had, Wade, and besides that you were a smooth, shrewd, farsighted, machine politician.

He had brought a number of both Acharite and Ravensbundmen with him and, as he dismounted, StarDrifter, FarSight CutSpur and EvenSong lifted down from the sky, to the astonished whispers of the Nors and Tarantaise men present.