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Farr may refer to:

  • Farr, Sutherland, a hamlet in, and alternate name of, Strathnaver, Scotland.
  • Farr, Strathnairn, a village in Strathnairn, to the south of Inverness, Scotland
  • Farr Yacht Design
  • Farr (surname), people with the surname Farr
  • Forţele Aeriene Regale ale României (FARR), Royal Romanian Air Force
  • Farr, a former US air filtration company listed on NASDAQ, now part of Camfil Farr
  • Farr is also a term for the Zoroastrian concept of khvarenah or God's favor
Farr (surname)

Farr is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Bruce Farr (b. 1949), New Zealand yacht designer
  • Diane Farr (b. 1969), American actress
  • Finis Farr (b. 1904), American author
  • Florence Farr (1860–1917), British stage actress and composer
  • Gareth Farr (b. 1968), New Zealand composer
  • Glenn Farr, Film and TV editor
  • Gary Farr (b. 1952), American pianist/composer/big band leader
  • Heather Farr (1965–1993), American golfer
  • Hilary Farr (b. 1962), Canadian reality television personality
  • Jack Farr, US military intelligence officer
  • James M. Farr (1874–1947), English language scholar and president of the University of Florida (1927–1928)
  • Jamie Farr (b. 1934), American actor
  • Jim Farr (b. 1956), former American baseball player
  • John Farr (disambiguation), several people including :
    • John Newton Pharr (1829–1903), Louisiana politician whose father had changed the spelling from "Farr" to "Pharr"
    • John Richard Farr (1857–1933), American politician
  • Judi Farr, Australian actress
  • Lorin Farr (1820–1909), Mormon pioneer
  • A family of American football players:
    • First generation (brothers):
      • Miller Farr (b. 1943), cornerback
      • Mel Farr (1944–2015), running back; also notable as a businessman
    • Second generation (both sons of Mel):
      • Mel Farr, Jr. (b. 1966), running back
      • Mike Farr (b. 1967), cornerback
  • Nick Farr-Jones (b. 1962), former Australian rugby union player
  • Patricia Farr (1913–1948), American movie actress
  • Sam Farr (b. 1941), American politician
  • Stephen Farr, British organist
  • Steve Farr (b. 1956), former American baseball player
  • Tommy Farr (1913–1986), Welsh boxer
  • Tyler Farr (b. 1984), American country music singer
  • Walter 'Snowy' Farr (1919–2007), English charity fundraiser
  • Wanda Kirkbride Farr (1895–1983), American botanist
  • William Farr (1807–1883), British epidemiologist
  • William C. Farr (1841–1921)

Usage examples of "farr".

Her companions were threaded along the trunk behind her, moving easily: the widow Philas apparently indifferent to her surroundings, Farr with his eyecups wide and staring, his mouth wide open and his chest straining at the thin Air, and dear old Adda at the back, his spear clasped before him, his good eye constantly sweeping the complex darkness around them.

Gripping the Net with one hand, she twisted to see Farr, her little brother, suspended in the Air like a discarded fragment of cloth and flesh.

Mur cried out and shoved hard at his wife's shoulders, balancing Farr and Dura.

Their bodies moved efficiently and with varying degrees of grace, and Farr could smell the musky photons they exuded, hear the steady rhythm of their breathing as they worked, wordless.

They had destroyed, or carried off, the marvelous Interfaces and all the rest—and would have scraped mankind out of the Mantle altogether if not for the wily cunning of Farr: Farr the Ur-human, the giant god-warrior.

With a surge of absurd gratitude Farr pulled himself up into the darkness beyond the leaves.

To Farr, "falling" meant losing your grip on the Magfield when Waving.

Then, in a tone suddenly and, to Farr, shockingly similar to their lost father's, she said, "Let's have a little lesson.

None of the Human Beings—except, maybe, Logue's boy Farr, who was looking a little lost—had even noticed he'd been absent.

Quickly recovering his dignity, he twisted in the Air, ignoring the protests from his back and legs, and Waved back to Farr and the opened branch.

She leaned toward Farr so that the heads of brother and sister were side by side over the glowing wood, their faces shining like two leaves.

And she would have been greatly more worried if she hadn't stayed with Farr herself.

One ventral fin caught Farr with a side-swipe which sent him spinning against a tree trunk.

Adda had been correct in intuiting that Dura would never be able to relax if Farr were out of her sight for long.

It was that very calmness, the feeling of being in a controlled, secure environment—coupled with the exhaustion of the abortive hunt, the stress of Adda's injuries, the thinness of the forest Air—that had lulled Dura and Farr to fall asleep almost instantly, once the car had begun its journey.