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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Farl \Farl\, v. t. Same as Furl. [Obs.]
--Beau. & Fl.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context obsolete English) A quarter of a thin oatmeal or flour cake. 2 Any such cake or bread, now particularly used for Irish specialities as soda farls and potato farls. Etymology 2

vb. (obsolete form of furl English)


A farl (reduced form of the Scots fardel) is any of various quadrant-shaped flatbreads and cakes, traditionally made by cutting a round into four pieces.

In Northern Ireland, the term generally refers to soda bread and to potato bread or cakes ( potato farls). While soda bread can also be baked as a normal loaf, that used in an Ulster fry breakfast is made as farls (that is to say, flat rounds about 3/4 inch thick which are then cut into quarters). Modern commercially mass-produced potato farls, however, are often rectangular in form.

In Scotland today, the word is used less than in Northern Ireland, but a farl can be a quarter piece of a large flat scone, bannock, or oatcake. It may also be used for shortbread when baked in this particular shape.


Usage examples of "farl".

The sleepers had thrown aside the covers in the warm night, and lay exposed to his view: Farl on his back, one arm spread possessively over the small, sleek woman who lay curled against him: Tassabra.

And now Farl and his blue-skinned troopers were cordoning off sections, creating choke points for crowd control, and making things three times as bad.