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Fara might refer to:

Fara (Rotuman festivity)

Fara (literally, “to ask” in Rotuman) is a traditional Rotuman cultural and social event, occurring in the summertime festival of “ av’ manea” (“party time” in Rotuman) where groups of singers and dancers traverse from house to house in a prescribed area to perform and entertain their hosts, “asking”, as the name suggests, for their hospitality and participation.

Fara (company)

FARA ASA FARA is a supplier of IT to the public transport sector and sells electronic ticketing and real-time information systems such as Fleet Management, Traffic Management, Passenger Information and Infotainment Systems.

Fara (film)

Fara is a 1999 Russian drama film directed by Abay Karpykov. It was entered into the 21st Moscow International Film Festival where Farhat Abdraimov won the Silver St. George for Best Actor.