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#FAQMP is a Canadian political interview series, which airs on ichannel and as a web series. Based around the principle of engaging viewers in the political process through social media, each episode of the program enters the production phase by soliciting participation in an online vote to determine which of three Canadian Members of Parliament will be interviewed that week by host Karyn Pugliese. Once the guest is selected, viewers are also invited to submit questions for Pugliese to ask.

MPs who have been interviewed on the show to date include Dean Del Mastro, Justin Trudeau, Jason Kenney, Kyle Seeback, Parm Gill, Ted Hsu, Kevin Lamoureux, Devinder Shory, Bruce Stanton, Patrick Brown, Jim Karygiannis and Claude Gravelle.

The series garnered a nomination for Best Cross-Platform Project, Non-Fiction at the 1st Canadian Screen Awards.