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fantasy world

n. something existing solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality) [syn: phantasy world, fairyland]

Fantasy world

A fantasy world is a fictional universe created in fiction media, such as literature, film or games. Typical fantasy worlds involve magic or magical abilities, nonexistent technology and sometimes, either an historical or futuristic theme. Some worlds may be a parallel world tenuously connected to Earth via magical portals or items; a fictional Earth set in the remote past or future; or an entirely independent world set in another universe.

Many fantasy worlds draw heavily on real world history, geography and sociology, and also on mythology and folklore.

Usage examples of "fantasy world".

She tries to explain the truth and turns them down (thinking they're fans inviting her to a con), but something goes wrong and the next thing she knows she's in a fantasy world and if she doesn't learn to channel Vixen very quickly, she's in deep trouble.

Most of his recent stories for us have been set in Markovy, a fantasy world based largely on Eastern Europe.

Marion's novels about the world of Darkover, first published over forty years ago by my father while he was at Ace, has spawned more fans than almost any fantasy world.

To elicit this foolhardy investment on the reader's part, a writer has to make the fantasy world absolutely tangible.

They were freely, energetically, uninhibitedly indulging their desires, in a fantasy world where it appeared they had every right to do so.

When Eldritch forces the drug Chew-Z on Bulero, Leo finds himself in a bizarre and desolate fantasy world that is entirely permeated and manipulated by the mind of Eldritch.

You have to break into the fantasy world and make it even less tolerable than reality.

And I quickly realized that, by transferring the story to a fantasy world, however closely modeled on an historical reality, Kay was blunting the edge of my nitpicker's sword.

She was an elf of a different fantasy world, unlike the elves of Xanth.

When I was writing it, I clipped out a picture of the Sex Pistols and hung it up over my desk just to remind myself that if she was living in a harsh fantasy world that the creatures, the demons and goblins she would have to deal with would be at least as threatening as people that you could run into on the streets of New York and London.