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Three men - Brendaw, Lenley, Fant - formed a strained half circle as they stared at the prone form.

The other was the telegram that Rufus Fant had received, presumably from Roderick.

Silence was tense, expressions puzzled, as Fant began his crisp announcement.

He seemed to feel that the girl could decide the matter, since she was the person whom Fant declared to be in danger.

Ordinarily, he should have arrived before Fant, but flooded roads had forced a roundabout route.

He knew that Roderick Talroy was at Five Towers, for he had seen a copy of the telegram that Fant had received in New York.

Assuming that Fant was manipulating the Talroy estate as he had others, the logical assumption was that Fant did not want Roderick to get interested in the purchase of an invention.

That might require the use of funds that Fant had intended to appropriate.

Aunt Augusta had denounced Fant, but the lawyer could fight down those accusations.

A government court had failed to establish them, so Fant had no real worry.

What Fant really needed to cover was the fact that he was adept at robbing estates he represented.

If such were so, Fant would have chosen this house as a scene for murder, to throw suspicion upon George Brendaw.

The girl remembered that Lenley had asked about the revolver at the time when Fant had begun his pounding at the front door.

When he reached the trophy room, Fant found the door open and the lights still on.

The greatest service that any one could have done Rufus Fant was that of murdering Roderick Talroy.