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n. (plural of fan English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fan)

Fans (album)

Fans is a 1984 album by Malcolm McLaren. It is an attempt to fuse opera with 1980s R&B and contains adaptations of pieces from famous operas such as Madama Butterfly and Carmen. The opera recordings were made at the Unitarian Church, Belmont, Massachusetts by Stephen Hague and Walter Turbitt.

Fans (song)

"Fans" is a song by American rock band Kings of Leon. It is the second single released from their 2007 album, Because of the Times, and the ninth track on the album. Lyrically, the song pays homage to the band's fans in the UK, where the band have traditionally enjoyed more success than in their homeland: "All of London sing / 'Cos England swings and they sure love the tales I bring".

Musically, the song features a combination of both electric and acoustic guitars, with a pounding bass line reminiscent of that of the Styx song " I'm O.K." The song was released as a single on July 9, 2007. It was the band's highest-charting single at the time, reaching number 13 on the UK Singles Chart (" Sex on Fire" would reach the number one position in September 2008). The single peaked at number 13 on the Irish Singles Chart.


FANS may refer to:

  • the ICAO code for Nelspruit Airport
  • a flight navigation system Future Air Navigation System

Usage examples of "fans".

Hugo ceremonies, where she had performed for two thousand pros and fans in an immense hall, the tech crew had not found it necessary or even advisable to mike her.

At any rate, although there were quibbles in plenty, they lacked any real force, and the overwhelming majority of Tolkien fans seemed willing to embrace the movie in spite of departures from the Sacred Cannon.

He finds that meditation comes hard in this environment: kneel in silence and you become aware of the hum of ventilation fans, the smell of old socks and sweat, the metallic taste of ozone from the Elektron oxygen generators.

Ashwin tunes the ducted fans to compensate for an unseasonable breeze he can feel picking up across his sensory skin, descends steadily through the mesh of laser light.

Baseball fans are always alert to the possibility of history being made.

My dad hauls me to my feet, and the knot of fans around me disperses as quickly as it converged.

Lampkin had won the Hugo for best science fiction novel the year before, a silvery rocketship admittedly awarded by the fans who staged these conventions rather than his literary peers, but an appropriately phallic trophy for someone not entirely above using it to add to his reputation as a convention cocksman.

A handful of scientists who had helped him on the project and who were dedicated science fiction fans had simply missed the bull sessions that Dexter had encouraged and started meeting on their own.

First the fans become the gophers who went out for beer, then meetings started being held at their places so they could be stuck with the work of cleaning up afterward.

Convention committees favored airport hotels because fans could fly in from anywhere and take the shuttle bus right to the convention hotel.

But the since there were maybe ten thousand fans in the whole country, if each and every one of them bought a copy of your paperback and no one else did, the sales figure would still be catastrophic.

Tang lightly flavored with rubbing alcohol, and, nodding and babbling to all and sundry, made his way to the press of fans around the ballroom bar to secure another.

Ellison, who flagellated the fans mercilessly with his razor-sharp tongue, not even Malzberg, who had written several vicious heartfelt satires on the subject.

Big Name Fans with reps as fanzine reviewers of low-brow space opera and elves-and-dragons schlock, inveigle an innocent academic critic into taking part in the animal act, add two science fiction writers, one with pretensions to literary ambitions, namely Dexter, and one to proclaim that he was only in it to separate Joe from his beer money, namely that flaming red asshole Garret Selby.

Fandom itself, with its spin-off cults and marketing mini-empires, with its Trekkies and Pern freaks, with its Scientologists and fanzine fans, with its Dungeons and its Dragons and its Prune World Messiahs, have long since become expressions of the collective schlockgeist of SF rather than anything of our willing literary creation.