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n. (plural of fang English)

Fangs (album)

Fangs! is the fourth studio album from experimental rock band Falling Up. It was released on March 24, 2009 through BEC Recordings.

Usage examples of "fangs".

The vaporous wraith solidified into solid bone and muscle, claws and fangs, into a frightening beast covered with a dark, cracked, leathery hide dappled with hideous, suppurating sores.

Huge batlike wings unfolded behind her and the succubus hovered, laughing at him, her open mouth revealing horrid fangs that would have punctured his neck.

I might take a simple cast of your canines, I could make a pair of fangs just for you.

She cringed at the thought of fangs, and the horrible deaths of all those who had been bitten.

Michael Alexander wore long, sharp canine fangs, and they were bloody.

The main fangs had snapped off into short, splintered stumps, from which threads of poison still oozed into the dirt.

Its needle-sharp fangs were long enough to easily go all the way through his arm, and he had seen the gar splinter bone with those teeth.

For an instant, he saw a snarl of fangs, and a malicious glare, and then the sword made solid contact, and what was there was rendered unrecognizable as it disintegrated.

I stared in horror at towers that scraped the clouds, and at immense steel gates that glittered like terrible fangs, and at a central drawbridge that could accommodate four squadrons of cavalry riding abreast.

Its eye teeth protruded from its jaw in a set of great curved fangs ten inches long.

A single powerful wrench twisted the black neck back against the holding fangs, the spine snapped with a sharp report and the bull folded in full run.

Every muscle was tight and swollen and the great beast half crouched, the flat snakelike head lifted as though to counter the weight of those long white fangs that curved down almost to touch the fluffy fur of his chest.

There were thirty of the tall sinewy hounds, long-legged and with rough ginger-brown coats and the heads and fangs of wolves.

Their ears flattened as they ran, and long pink tongues flopped over white fangs in the wolf jaws, and they fanned out across his front.

He swung the hound that hung on his arm against the rock beside him, crushing in its ribs, but another had locked its fangs in his calf and was tugging him cruelly off balance.