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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fand \Fand\, obs. imp. of Find.


Etymology 1 vb. 1 (context transitive English) To seek (to do a thing); try; attempt; endeavour; make a shift. 2 (context transitive UK dialectal English) To test; examine; make a trial of; prove. 3 (context transitive UK dialectal English) To put someone through a trial; test; tempt; entice. Etymology 2

vb. (en-simple past of: find).


Fand ('tear') or Fann ('weak, helpless person') is an otherworldly woman in Irish mythology. The two forms of her name are not phonetic variants, but two different words of different meaning, and the history of her name is debated.

Usage examples of "fand".

Five hours later, Fand was leaning thoughtfully over the starboard railing as Aine explained to Eorna about steering.

If Fand found it strange that he could remember so many of the fashion details, she was evidently more struck by the important point.

I scrambled out of the way as a very wet Fand dropped out of the tunnel onto the spot I had been sprawled over.

We put a shri fire in the middle so Mna and Fand could dry off while we talked.

Me, Eunem, Eorna, Fand, Aine, and Istria, sitting in a circle under that cave roof, with the shields piled in the middle, running through the plan for the last time.

Eorna and Eunem worked there, and Fand had been to scoil like everyone else, and they were all looking at it with the same fascinated anxiety.

A shower of large, bound ledgers fell onto Fand as the brown vigil hurled her against the bookcase.

That put Fand out of commission for a while, but it got us a very big gain.

Eorna, Fand, and Eunem once she was a little better functioned as a provisional council, with our help.

But then so was I, and so was everyone else except for Fand, who seemed a little more impervious.

And it meant a lot to me, as I found my way through, to see them all--Harani, Lilea, Eorna, Fand, Eunem, Cualha, Dalen, all of them, true, happy, transfigured in the light of the fire that was growing in the center of the ring.

Istria, Wriana, Harani and Fand were clustered around her, ready for anything, while Aine hovered solicitously over poor Mna.

Harani, Lilea, Morat, Dalen, Cualha, Fand, Eorna, Wriana, even Eunem, they were all giving their hands and their voices as loudly and enthusiastically as they could do it.

Er fand einen Bach und trieb den Grauen hindurch, dann badete er darin.

Er ging weiter und kam in sein Schlafgemach, und dort fand er seine Frau in so tiefem Schlafe wie alle anderen auch.