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family credit
▪ Another client may have a similar query concerning delay in receiving family credit.
▪ Any person in receipt of income support or family credit is exempt from payment.
▪ Anybody whose income is less than this will get full family credit.
▪ In September 1988 the situation worsened with the phasing out of free school meals for 500,000 children whose parents were in receipt of family credit.
▪ That totals £59.40, but £14.14 is deducted, leaving her total family credit at £45.26 a week.
▪ Their total income each week - from a part-time job, family credit and child benefit - amounts to just over £150.
▪ These covered pensions, income support, housing benefits, a family credit system and the social funds.
▪ Women are also being hit by the changes in child benefit and family credit.
Family Credit

Family Credit was a United Kingdom social security benefit introduced by the Social Security Act 1986 for low paid workers with children. It replaced Family Income Supplement

The benefit was designed for families with children where at least one person is working more than 24 hours a week, on average. This represented an exclusion with entitlement to Income Support. The work should be intended to last at least five weeks.

Usage examples of "family credit".

Sayuri Nakada was probably running on family credit, and when the plot failed and the sun rose she might drag the entire Nakada family down with herat least, I thought so for a minute or two, but then I changed my mind.

If they didn't get you that way, then along came a smooth tongued man to offer a loan on the basis of your family credit.

Quilp, and, besides, it was not supporting the family credit to encourage the idea that she had married a man whom nobody else would have.

In the middle of the room, where just a moment ago there had been a display of Family Credit leaflets, the Glass Mountain appeared, blue and sparkling.

Hadn't I been a good fish man to him, given his family credit when he couldn't pay?