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Not to be confused with Mosaddek Ali Falu, the Bangladeshi politician.

Falu, born Falguni Shah in Mumbai, India is a New York-based singer and songwriter whose music blends ancient classical Indian melodies with contemporary western sounds. In her burgeoning U.S.-based career, she has worked with and collaborated with a wide array of artists including A.R. Rahman ( Slumdog Millionaire), Yo-Yo Ma (in The Silk Road Project), Philip Glass, Wyclef Jean, her teacher Ustad Sultan Khan, Blues Traveler, Ricky Martin and Bernie Worrell ( Parliament Funkadelic).

Usage examples of "falu".

Nowhere was conduct more graceful nor manners more exquisite than at Falu Ffail.

The ponderous structure and the towers provided Haidion a silhouette which, if graceless, archaic and eccentric, was in total contrast to the fine façade of Falu Ffail at Avallon.

To this end he dispatched Prince Dhrun with a suitable escort of dignitaries first to Falu Ffail at Avallon, thence to confer with bibulous King Milo at Twissamy in Blaloc, then to King Kestrel’s court at Gargano in Pomperol.

At Falu Ffail were the Round Table Cairbra an Meadhan and Evandig, the ancient throne of the Palaernon kings.

To the music of fifes, pipes and drums, the party from Lyonesse was escorted along a wide boulevard, through the formal gardens at the front of Falu Ffail, to the main portal.

Sir Tramador, High Chamberlain at Falu Ffail, appeared and spoke quietly to King Audry, who sighed and rose to his feet.

Dhrun and Madouc went out into the gardens which surrounded Falu Ffail, and sauntered among the fountains, statues, flower beds, topiary and patches of green lawn.

He rode at once to Falu Ffail, where he would finally take possession of Cairbra an Meadhan the table and Evandig the throne, and send them back to Castle Haidion in Lyonesse Town.

Casmir put the question to Tibalt, who could only stammer that all the high officials of Falu Ffail had fled Avallon, to join their fugitive king.

A courier from Godelia arrived at Falu Ffail, carrying a dispatch from King Dartweg.

King Audry spent lavishly upon vanity and pleasure, and the splendor of his court at Falu Ffail was the stuff of legend.

He found accommodation, changed into suitable garments and presented himself at Audry's palace Falu Ffail.

He found accommodation, changed into suitable garments and presented himself at Audry’s palace Falu Ffail.