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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
false teeth
▪ And indeed his mouth was empty; evidently he had removed his false teeth.
▪ And she can't be the only young girl in the school with a full set of false teeth.
▪ He rummaged the bed - another fright, his life was full of them - for his false teeth.
▪ His lips were intensely smiling and his false teeth shone.
▪ Should I have taken the false teeth?
▪ Talk of false teeth in this setting?
▪ The officer was city-bred and educated, so that the false teeth appeared to him in a different light.
▪ This is rather a trivial example: if teeth were the only problem, senescence could be cured by false teeth.
false teeth

n. a set of dentures

false teeth

n. a removable denture

Usage examples of "false teeth".

True, the fellow with the broken false teeth and the wig askew hadn't told him anything about where the northern armies were, how many men they had, or what they intended to do.

My old man told me that when he was a boy he and his friends used to follow the Hag around the streets and when she got particularly angry she'd take out her false teeth and chomp them at them.

He had come to this campus with bad eyesight and false teeth, he declared.

Dover is a constant moanermany of his complaints being about his ill-fitting false teeth or stomach upsets caused by overeatingand when he does solve a case it is either from a sudden burst of shrewdness or the hard work of his much put-upon assistant, Sergeant MacGregor.