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If I myself needed an apology for holding my office so long, I should find it in the fact that human anatomy is much the same study that it was in the days of Vesalius and Fallopius, and that the greater part of my teaching was of such a nature that it could never become antiquated.

I cannot wonder that Fallopius compared the author to Hippocrates or that John Freind calls him the Prince of Surgeons.

Columbus, Varolius, Fallopius, and the others, the great fathers of anatomy.

Four editions of this work were printed in Venice in the sixteenth century, one of them as late as 1560, when the work done by such men as Vesalius, Columbus, Eustachius, and Fallopius would seem to have made Arculanus out of date.

Indeed, according to Fallopius, another famous scientist, the Duke of Tuscany would occasionally send live criminals to be vivisected, thus making their punishment redound to the benefit of science.

The celebrated anatomist, Fallopius, successfully treated two cases in which the stomach was penetrated so that food passed through the wound.