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vb. (en-archaic third-person singular of: fall)

Usage examples of "falleth".

The wind above the garden swayeth, The garden of its burden knoweth, The burden falleth, sinketh, soweth.

Roman Captain would not have it so: for though he was a bold man, yet was his boldness that of the wolf, that falleth on when he is hungry and skulketh when he is full.

But at the fall of the leaf, when his tail falleth, he will mourn and hide himself in corners till his tail come again as it was.

Master of every House, as soon as any one in his House complains either of Botch, or Purple, or Swelling in any part of his body, or falleth otherwife dangerously sick, without apparent cause of some other Disease, shall give knowledge thereof to the Examiner of Health within two hours after the said sign shall appear.

But first it falleth me by course to tellOf faire Serena, who as earst you heard,When first the gentle Squire at variaunce fellWith those two Carles, fled fast away, afeardOf villany to be to her inferd:So fresh the image of her former dread,Yet dwelling in her eye, to her appeard,That euery foote did tremble, which did tread,And euery body two, and two she foure did read.

The destinee, ministre general, That executeth in the world overal The purveiaunce that God hath seyn biforn, So strong it is, that though the world had sworn The contrarie of a thyng, by ye or nay, Yet somtyme it shal fallen on a day That falleth nat eft withinne a thousand yeere.

When a man truly perceiveth and considereth himself, who and what he is, and findeth himself utterly vile and wicked and unworthy, he falleth into such a deep abasement that it seemeth to him reasonable that all creatures in heaven and earth should rise up against him.

It ruins the streamlining, and as they used to kid us at Randolph Field, "that which draggeth, falleth.

For if he who resolveth bravely oftentimes falleth short, how shall it be with him who resolveth rarely or feebly?

And thus it falleth short and is insufficient whatsoever Thou givest to me without Thyself or whatsoever Thou revealest or dost promise concerning Thyself, whilst Thou art not seen or fully possessed: since verily my heart cannot truly rest nor be entirely content, except it rest in Thee, and go beyond all gifts and every creature.

He who shunneth not small faults falleth little by little into greater.

Trust not nor lean upon a reed shaken with the wind, because all flesh is grass, and the goodliness thereof falleth as the flower of the field.