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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Falk \Falk\ (f[add]k), n. (Zo["o]l.) The razorbill. [Written also falc, and faik.] [Prov. Eng.]


alt. (context UK dialect English) The razorbill. n. (context UK dialect English) The razorbill.

Falk (name)

Falk is a given name and surname cognate with the word falcon.


Falk may refer to:

  • Falk Township, Minnesota
  • Falk Corporation, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Falk (name), including origin and list of people with this name
  • Falk, California, a ghost town
  • Postal abbreviation of Falkirk, an area of Scotland
Falk (band)

Falk is an American country duo formed in 2009 by sisters Alexa & Natalee Falk. Alexa Shea Falk (born December 30, 1989) and Natalee Marie Falk (born on August 23, 1991) began singing at the respective ages of 4 and 2, and have been writing and performing songs ever since.

Starting out in country music at the ages of 8 and 6, the girls have covered many genres of music, and as of 2013 were in Nashville recording their debut album as Falk. In their songs they both sing lead and harmony, and both play lead acoustic guitar.

Usage examples of "falk".

Once on the other side, Falk rewove the flexible branches which served to seal and conceal the entrance to the den.

Jack, however, lay most of the credit to the delicious food that Falk served up.

Jack could see Falk enjoyed his work and admired how content he was doing such ordinary tasks.

Jack, hoping that Falk would agree, for he did miss bread in his diet.

Jack would be sorry to leave, but he had his own life, and now, thanks to Falk, it appeared more hopeful than before.

Why, only minutes ago Falk had told him something important-true, it was a little vague, but important no less-and here he was imaging how Melli would have looked in a low-cut dress!

He was saved from saying more by Falk, who grunted in a dismissive manner.

Now that Falk had set his mind ablaze, he needed fuel to feed the flame.

As he ate, Jack wished he could have thanked Falk more eloquently for all he had done.

He felt no differently-perhaps a little wiser since his visit with Falk, but for the most part he was unchanged.

Behind the smoked glass of the van, Vince Falk studied the car as it turned the corner and headed toward the tollway.

When asked, Falk described himself as an independent contractor, a freelance troubleshooter of sorts.

He and his crew had been waiting so long for Falk to say that the right time had come, but if Falk still insisted on delaying there was nothing anyone could do.

Why that was no one knew, but everyone was rabidly happy that Falk was on their side.

After stepping off the ramp Tor began to stroll through the crowd, looking for a sign that Falk had already reached the station himself.