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Fale may refer to:

  • Fale, a house or building in the Architecture of Samoa
  • Fale, Thomas, English mathematician (c.1600)
  • Fale, Tokelau, an islet and a village of Tokelau
  • Fale, Tuvalu, an islet of Tuvalu
  • Beach fale, a simple open 'hut' (faleo'o Samoan language), popular in budget eco-tourism in Samoa
  • FALE, the ICAO code for King Shaka International Airport in Durban, South Africa
  • A derisive nickname for Yale University popular among Harvard students, popularized by the 2008 'Fale' parody t-shirt created for the Harvard–Yale game

Usage examples of "fale".

Behind him the dry thatch of the fale caught, going up with a high, crackling hiss.

Old Men clapped their hands loudly in unison, and out of the fale emerged a man Tristam was certain must be the King.

Here Tristam stopped to drink, trusting that the lack of fales in the vicinity would mean there was no one bathing or washing clothing upstream.

He could see several large fales scattered about in no apparent pattern, and here and there man-high standing stones cast shadows in the moonlight.

As he walked past the fales, a group of children came after him, shouting and laughing, three or four girls and a boy.

When he got to the top of the rise, the children went back to their fales, and Phil picked his way down to the rocky beach alone.