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FAL may refer to:

Usage examples of "fal".

While Fal Sivas talks to you, I will tell him that you are just the man that he needs.

We talked for a short time, and then Fal Sivas summoned a slave to show me to my quarters.

I did not investigate, as I wanted to establish myself in the confidence of Fal Sivas and his people before I ventured to take it upon myself to learn any more than they desired me to know.

Ur Jan has learned that Rapas is killing for Fal Sivas for a price far lower than that charged by the guild.

There was one thing that I wanted to learn right then, and that was whether or not Fal Sivas would permit me to leave his house on any pretext.

Just before the meal was over, I told Hamas that Fal Sivas had instructed me to select a slave.

A slave led me to the same room in which Fal Sivas had received Rapas and me the night before, and as I entered the old inventor greeted me with a nod.

I was to permit no one to enter the room, other than Hamas or Phystal, without obtaining permission from Fal Sivas.

I had gone but a short distance from the house of Fal Sivas when I met Rapas the Ulsio.

This done, I returned to the street and made my way toward the address that Fal Sivas had given me.

Together we walked out into the avenue and started in the direction of the House of Fal Sivas.

And I linked my left arm through his sword arm, and thus we continued on toward the house of Fal Sivas.

I thought that he might follow me, but he did not, and so I came at last to the house of Fal Sivas.

Vandor, you shall die such a death as only the mind of Fal Sivas can conceive.

I could imagine that Fal Sivas might enjoy seeing an enemy die horribly.