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n. (plural of fake English)

Usage examples of "fakes".

Left it to the Museum, but none of the stuff had any provenience and was full of fakes, so they stuck it down here.

Of course, a lot of the stuff the old cabinets displayed were fakes, you know.

They don't need to plant fake fakes in the "good alternative" because it's already wholly faked!

Therefore she is glad to have her factories produce the fake fakes that Self wants.

A team working for REM Corporation is discovered, by Self's personal police, planting fake fakes in his own world.

The fakes would be traced to your people and you would be back in the toilet, treading water like crazy and trying to prove that the Maoists were wrong about Deng, capitalism and loss efface.

If I were my own enemy, I would be thoroughly aware of the danger of fakes in undermining my plan, for there is no loss of face to China in selling fakes to greedy capitalists.

So I would have moved to ensure that such fakes were neither cast nor shipped.

The thing about fakes is that they’re cheaper, once they’re uncovered.

The factories are hidden away in some remote foreign region, where we don't know about them, and the fakes are distributed to foreigners who are happy as long as the stuff looks vaguely like real dollars are supposed to look.

It was a trivial amount, because we were generating four billion in excellent fakes at the other end, so who cared?

He claimed that most of the items that were for sale in the antiquities shops were fakes and frauds.

It is filled with frauds and fakes designed to thrill those who are inclined toward such nonsense.

Leng would not have collected fakes, and even in the dim light he could see that these were real.