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n. (alternative form of fuck English) vb. (alternative form of fuck English)

Usage examples of "fak".

After a long silence Ptor Fak said, “What are you going to do with her?

Ptor Fak, Llana, and Rojas were behind me when I took Dejah Thoris in my arms.

Even Ptor Fak was embarrassed and there were no soft invisible arms about his neck.

I dropped down into it and whistled again, and when Ptor Fak answered I groped around until I bumped into him.

Holding my sword point breast high, I turned and ran for the tree by which Ptor Fak had mounted to the roof.

I did not know what to do, but Ptor Fak evidently thought that he did, for he answered the whistle.

We had accomplished what a few hours before would have seemed impossible, for then Ptor Fak and I were chained to trees and Llana of Gathol was a captive in another part of the city.

I said to Ptor Fak a moment later, after I saw a warrior enter one of the streets, hoping that it was he who had spoken to us and that there were no others around.