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vb. (context archaic English) Third-person singular present simple form of '''fail'''

Usage examples of "faileth".

And he was like one that slideth down a hill and can arrest his descent with a foot, yet faileth that freewill.

For they--mark well, it is here that thy reason faileth thee--for they were uttered by a human will, striving to coerce obedience in a matter beyond its province.

I say they might have hindred the same in the beginning: But when the people were once possessed by those spiritual men, there was no humane remedy to be applyed, that any man could invent: And for the remedies that God should provide, who never faileth in his good time to destroy all the Machinations of men against the Truth, wee are to attend his good pleasure, that suffereth many times the prosperity of his enemies, together with their ambition, to grow to such a height, as the violence thereof openeth the eyes, which the warinesse of their predecessors had before sealed up, and makes men by too much grasping let goe all, as Peters net was broken, by the struggling of too great a multitude of Fishes.

Also, who that assayeth to take the sword and faileth of it, he shall receive a wound by that sword that he shall not be whole long after.

It is strong therefore for all things, and it fulfilleth many things, and is successful where he who loveth not faileth and lieth down.