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n. (plural of fagot English)

Usage examples of "fagots".

The labourer has little else to do but to chop up disused hop-poles into long fagots with a hand-bill--in other counties a bill-hook.

Job caught rats and rabbits and moles, and bought fagots or potatoes, or fruit or rabbit-skins, or rusty iron: wonderful how he seemed to have command of money.

A few women trudged through camp with fagots or bundles of meager food.

The story had come down, that Ann Holyoake spoke these words in a prayer she offered up at the stake, after the fagots were kindled.

I assembled my officers, and gave them orders to prevent these women lighting fires with anything but fagots and brushwood.

He was writhing in the midst of a heap of fagots, tied to a stake, and the flames were licking him with their burning tongues.

On the platform were three stakes with fagots piled ready for lighting, while the executioner and his assistants stood impassively in front, watching as the procession drew up.

Hunt turned and pointed a finger at one of the three piles of fagots heaped around the stakesthe intended victims had made themselves scarce.