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n. 1 (context military English) (initialismfuel-air explosive) 2 (initialismfield applications engineer)

Usage examples of "fae".

Something that might tame the fae at last, and bring peace to a planet that had rarely known anything but chaos.

She could feel the force of the fae about her, bound by his need, urging her forward.

This they followed, his muttered words binding sufficient fae to steady their feet as they crossed.

Currents of fae flowed through the city in half a dozen directions, each carefully labeled as to its tenor and tidal discrepancies.

And smack dab in the middle of it was the wildest fae on any human continent, and by far the most dangerous.

When merely thinking about it opens up a channel for the dark fae to travel?

The Forest sits at the heart of a whirlpool, a focal point of dark fae that draws like to like, sucking all malevolent manifestations toward its, center.

The fae gathered around him, softly, and wove a picture that his mind could interpret.

A music unlike any other she had ever heard, delicate as the fae itself, formless as the night that bound it.

Even now the wild fae, loosed in hideous quantity by the earthquake, would be gravitating toward the minds that could manifest it.

A shapeless heap of blackened rubble was all that remained of the Fae Shoppe.

Do you think your sorcery can stand up to theirs, when they Work the fae as naturally as you breathe?

A wall of living fae, that first appeared shortly after the rakh fled into the Worldsend.

While he devoted the core of his attention to the fae, failing to see that all about him the pieces of his life were slowly dissolving.

Maybe it was the fae, communicating between them on levels Damien could hardly sense.