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n. (plural of fade English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: fade)

Usage examples of "fades".

Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

The stories said Fades were twenty feet tall, with eyes of fire, and they rode shadows like horses.

The Fades were out there, somewhere, and the Trollocs, maybe around the next corner.

The Warder said the river would be a barrier to Fades and Trollocs, but would it?

Rand had to force the words out, thinking of being a thousand miles from where the Fades were looking, but he took a deep breath and managed to firm his voice.

Sometimes he woke up sweating from a dream of Trollocs and Fades storming into the camp, rainbow-colored wagons turning to bonfires from hurled torches, people falling in pools of blood, men and women and children who ran and screamed and died but made no effort to defend themselves against slashing scythe-like swords.

He could be leaving a clear trail for the Myrddraalif Fades needed that kind of trail.

Halfmen everywhere, Fades chasing them to Shadar Logoth, coming for them in Whitebridge.

After leaving Whitebridge they had ridden through villages that seemed unreal in their normality, ordinary market villages that seemed to Nynaeve unconnected to a world that had Fades and Trollocs and Aes Sedai.

At Shadar Logoth Lan had been sure and strong, and when he was facing Fades and Trollocs.

Even though he would not know exactly where, he would know it was near, and Mashadar would draw his spirit while his bones remembered that this same evil swallowed an armyDreadlords, Fades, Trollocs, and all.

What would they do when they suddenly found Trollocs and Fades in their midst, killing them?

Even after Trollocs and Fades in the flesh, it was still astonishing to meet a legend walking and breathing.

That is how the Fades could gather a small army around Caemlyn without raising an alarm in every nation between the Blight and Andor.

The Blight, where all the Fades and Trollocs were, those not down in Andor chasing them.