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Fadak was a garden oasis in Khaybar, a tract of land in northern Arabia; it is now part of Saudi Arabia. Situated approximately from Medina, Fadak was known for its water wells, dates, and handicrafts. When the Muslims defeated the people of Khaybar at the Battle of Khaybar; the oasis of Fadak was part of the bounty given to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who gifted it to his daughter, Fatimah (accoring to Shias).The Sunni view is that it was not given to anyone, but preserved for the maintenace of Banu Hashim.Fadak became the object of dispute between Fatimah and the caliph Abu Bakr after Muhammad died.

Fadak (TV channel)

Fadak Satellite Channel ( Arabic: قناة فدك الفضائية) is a Shia Muslim channel that was founded by a group of Shia Muslims in the United Kingdom with the purpose of conveying Shia Islam to mainly the Arab and Muslim world.

Fadak (disambiguation)

Fadak may refer to:

  • Fadak.
  • Fadak Satellite Channel.