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n. The acute accent as used in Irish Gaelic orthography to mark a long vowel.


Fada may refer to:


  • Fada, Chad, the capital of the Ennedi Ouest department of Chad
  • Fada, Nigeria, a town in central Nigeria
  • Fada N'gourma, a town in eastern Burkina Faso
  • Loch Fada, Colonsay, a lake on the Inner Hebridean island of Colonsay, Scotland


  • Federation of Automobile Dealers' Associations of India (FADA)
  • Federación Argentina de Ajedrez, Argentinian chess federation
  • First Amendment Defense Act, proposed United States legislation from 2015
  • First Assistant District Attorney


  • Fada, the Hindi word for cracked wheat
  • Fada or Síneadh fada, the name for an acute accent in Irish orthography
  • Fada Cola, a locally distributed soft drink from Marseille, France

Usage examples of "fada".

Ras el Fada might be the ruler of Nid and at least ten surrounding territories.

Yet they were indeed inhabited by the very least and lowest of those who vowed allegiance to Caliph Ras el Fada, whose own dwelling at the other side of the city proudly showed a blazing watchtower striped with gold leaf.

With them, perhaps, I was calling Lorenza to me, or perhaps I was only repeating them to myself, in a propitiatory litany: White Copper, Immaculate Lamb, Aibathest, Alborach, Blessed Water, Purified Mercury, Orpiment, Azoch, Baurach, Cambar, Caspa, Cherry, Wax, Chaia, Comerisson, Electron, Euphrates, Eve, Fada, Fa-vonius, Foundation of the Art, Precious Stone of Givinis, Diamond, Zibach, Ziva, Veil, Narcissus, Lily, Hermaphrodite, Hae, Hypostasis, Hyle, Virgin’s Milk, Unique Stone, Full Moon, Mother, Living Oil, Legume, Egg, Phlegm, Point, Root, Salt of Nature, Leafy Earth, Tevos, Tincar, Steam, Evening Star, Wind, Virago, Pharaoh’s Glass, Baby’s Urine, Vulture, Placenta, Menstruum, Fugitive Slave, Left Hand, Sperm of Metals, Spirit, Tin, Juice, Oil of Sulfur.