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adv. In a factual manner


adv. as a fact or based on fact; "they learn much, factually, about the problems of retirement and provision for old age, and, psychologically, in the sharing of their thoughts on retirement"

Usage examples of "factually".

Wilson related the story, very factually, very coldly, how the werewolves had wounded a patrolman out searching for evidence, how this had lured them into an ambush, the escape on scooters just at the moment Wilson pieced the thing together, the subsequent discovery of the M.

The uncomfortable truth is that the two beliefs are not factually compatible.

Then he sat down to work in purposeful isolation, tracing whatever relationships he could find between the common whole numbers fourteen, twenty-eight and fifty-seven, soon extending his search to include fractions where there had been integers alone, negative quantities where positive had prevailed, imaginary numbers to replace the real, managing in a remote part of his mind to watch himself at work, an old man (cuter than most) in a small old cluttered study, wearing a robe and peeling slippers, sitting at an oak desk rough to the touch because it was layered with the sprinkled pink grains of his brush eraser, thriving on plain food, irregular sleep, constant work, finding himself pleased by this history of his future, a factually accurate illusion, electric heater on the floor .

Properly instructed, it all makes sense when carefully explained, and very few people can argue factually against the evidence provided by psychic research.