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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a factual error (=which includes a fact that is wrong)
▪ The article contains many factual errors.
factual data
▪ It’s difficult to collect factual data on these insects.
▪ The publisher will require the client to complete an enquiry form soas to be satisfied as to the factual accuracy of the advertisement.
▪ The thing I liked best about Teravainen was that he was consumed with factual accuracy.
▪ Checking the factual accuracy of the new social security information items proved to be a greater obstacle than usual.
▪ I will seek confirmation from both parties as to the factual accuracy of any such memorandum.
▪ The more deep-seated problem is not factual accuracy but the writer's perspective on his subject.
▪ The report has been with the department's accountants for more than three weeks as they check its factual accuracy.
▪ Of interest is not so much their dubious factual basis as their plausibility.
▪ Such vague propositions need to rest on some testable factual basis.
▪ Whether this statement rests on a factual basis or is simply a reasonable hypothesis it is once again impossible to tell.
▪ The problem is no longer to provide the company with updated factual data.
▪ Are they helpful in learning and retaining factual data, while at the same time promoting interest and imagination?
▪ Phenomenologists believe that it is impossible to produce factual data and it is therefore impossible to produce and check causal explanations.
▪ History books have their main ideas, supporting evidence and factual details arranged in a particular manner.
▪ But he was also interested in the substantial factual detail of astronomy, anatomy, and the physics of motion.
▪ The result is that, chapter after chapter, there are errors ranging from factual detail to total distortion through drastic editing.
▪ It means getting factual details, but more importantly, understanding the client's aims and aspirations.
▪ Injury to official reputation affords no more warrant for repressing speech that would otherwise be free than does factual error.
▪ There are some typographical and factual errors but these are minor blemishes.
▪ The review is filled with inconsistencies and factual errors.
▪ This is where we need to turn to the factual evidence.
▪ There is factual evidence to support the view that Storni entertained the idea of suicide long before 1938.
▪ What is required is a fair balance and as much factual evidence as possible.
▪ Regarding recruitment of staff, there is little factual evidence available to substantiate the claim either way.
▪ However it can be used when the buyer is clearly seeking factual information.
▪ They serve as role models and sources of factual information for other teens.
▪ The approach to course design emphasises the development of understanding of key ideas rather than extensive memorisation of detailed factual information.
▪ Many respondents criticized campus police for not disclosing enough factual information about the racial events, fueling rumors and speculation.
▪ They have reached a point in their drama when they need factual information, they want to get it right.
▪ Yes, you memorized all types of lists and pieces of factual information with regard to, say, the physical sciences.
▪ In historical writing you may need a great deal of factual information to support your argument or opinion.
▪ Use the written word when possible, particularly for factual information of times, prices, dates, sizes and explicit details.
▪ This requires more than factual knowledge.
▪ They need to provide the factual knowledge and the reasoning skills that a rational mind requires.
▪ Motivation is heightened, factual knowledge increased, and opinions may be modified.
▪ Every essay must have a solid foundation of factual knowledge.
▪ But practice can mean going through the motions just as much as accumulating factual knowledge.
▪ In their undergraduate years they are drilled in factual knowledge and scientific method, and rarely see patients outside hospital buildings.
▪ Most of the detailed factual material learned in the sixth form is forgotten or superseded within a few years.
▪ Generally speaking, a document which presents factual material in volume and with precision encourages the reader to believe in its reliability.
▪ Where policy has to be settled over such matters as public health or education, statistical and factual material is needed.
▪ Of course, some people would argue that the truth of factual statements can only be established inductively from particular experiences.
▪ These factual statements also form the basis for future communications about whatever action you choose to take.
▪ But what of attitude with belief, and ethical with factual statement?
▪ It sounds promising to say that these sentences stand to wonderings and wishes very much as factual statements stand to beliefs.
▪ For this reason, use short paragraphs and direct, factual sentences.
▪ History books have their main ideas, supporting evidence and factual details arranged in a particular manner.
▪ Most of the detailed factual material learned in the sixth form is forgotten or superseded within a few years.
▪ Neither of these approaches necessitate the drawing of precise lines between legal and factual questions.
▪ The original part consists of a string of factual claims, many of which are quarter-truths or plain wrong.
▪ The questions had, for the most part, been slanted to the factual points about where people were on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.
▪ There is factual evidence to support the view that Storni entertained the idea of suicide long before 1938.
▪ This complex and imperfect achievement did not result automatically or easily from dispassionate moral or factual analysis.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

factual \fac"tu*al\ (f[a^]k*t[-u]"al), a.

  1. of or pertaining to facts; as, factual inaccuracies. [R.]

  2. containing only facts (as contrasted with opinions or speculations); as, a factual report.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1834, improperly formed from fact on model of actual. Related: Factually.


a. Of or characterised by or consisting of facts.

  1. adj. of the nature of fact; having actual existence; "rocks and trees...the actual world"; "actual heroism"; "the actual things that produced the emotion you experienced" [syn: actual]

  2. of or relating to or characterized by facts; "factual considerations"

  3. existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not; "de facto segregation is as real as segration imposed by law"; "a de facto state of war" [syn: de facto, actual] [ant: de jure]

  4. based on fact; "factual accuracy"; "a factual account"

  5. characterized by fact; "the factual aspects of the case"


Factual, launched in October 2009, is an open data platform developed to maximize data accuracy, transparency, and accessibility. It provides access through web service APIs and reusable, customisable web applications. It is described by its founder, Gil Elbaz as "a platform for anyone to share and mash open data". Factual has data sets about local place information, entertainment and information derived from government sources. Dr Tim Chklovski co-founded the company. Commercial consumers of the datasets include Facebook Places and SpatialMatch. Factual intends to provide discounts to data consumers that contribute improved data back, in order to encourage crowd sourcing and other collaborative approaches to data creation and curation.

Currently, Factual has three offices: two in California (Los Angeles and Palo Alto) and one in Shanghai, China.

Factual is currently using its location-based data-mining for purposes of geotargeting advertisements to smartphone users. This service, known as Geopulse, makes use of location-tracking data (since each smartphone acts by default as a GPS tracking beacon, and much can be learned about each user's interests, income, and spending habits simply by virtue of where each person spends his/her time), data gathered from web-browser cookies (which show search-interests histories), and other sources (such as census data). This enables highly specific ads to be targeted to users when they are most likely to be "receptive" (i.e. vulnerable) to the influence of advertising.

Usage examples of "factual".

State commissions and factual determinations which were found to be inseparable from the legal and constitutional issue of confiscation.

That he must undergo sexual reassignment surgery, that he must make his male genitals disappear, demonstrates that male and female, and thus sexual identity, are factual and discontinuous.

To ensure confirmation of factual material it would be useful for the authorities, when they have been properly alerted, to have access to witnesses.

The terms of reference for each commission was to verify that spirit healings are factual and to try and discover how the lost gift of healing could be revived in the pastoral work of the churches.

The voluminous submissions accompanying these cross motions leave no factual issues concerning which further evidence is likely to be presented at a trial.

The factual undergirding is documented in the Notes, some of which unveil new historical data.

All typos and atrocious factual boners have now (hopefully) been fixed, for one thing.

Magazines wanted the war pictures as the factual basis for their engravings, although everyone else with money to spend on images wanted little portraits on cartes de visite.

There was no factual evidence that he had ever gone to the mansion in Cremorne but the circumstantial evidence that he had done so was too strong not to be accepted.

My own factual knowledge of DBDG anatomy tells me that you are unusually large and well muscled, and singularly lacking in unsightly, wobbly slabs of adipose tissue, for a male of your species.

Whatever the reason, no worthwhile contemporary books on the remarkable Flavius Romulus have come down to us, only mere factual chronicles and some fawning panegyrics.

So, after discussing it with Jim Baen and getting his go-ahead, I tried the experiment of producing an online magazine which would incorporate the best of the fan fiction, with me serving as editor, as well as a number of factual articles which bear on the series.

Her respiration, blood pressure, pulse, and her galvanic skin response would convince any polygraph examiner that she was telling the truth, because she would be convinced that her vile accusations were indeed factual in every detail.

But all I could think of was the cold, factual summing up of the Judge Advocate.

At one time it was a non-political factual paper specializing in a genteel form of muck-raking (exposure of patent medicine frauds, etc.