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facial recognition

n. biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces; "they used face recognition to spot known terrorists" [syn: face recognition, automatic face recognition]

Facial recognition

Facial recognition or face recognition may refer to:

  • Face perception, the process by which the human brain understands and interprets the face
  • Pareidolia, which involves, in part, seeing images of faces in clouds and other scenes
  • Facial recognition system, an automated system with the ability to identify individuals by their facial characteristics

Usage examples of "facial recognition".

After that came a color vision test, and a test of depth perception, and then pictures of her crew, to see if facial recognition was working.

I did not know there was a separate area for facial recognition, though the reference they cite goes back to the twentieth century.

And while cases of mistaken identity have certainly occurred, courts of law seem willing to admit the testimony of any adult witness on questions of facial recognition.

He then handed Zubair his passport and paperwork with his right hand, and with his left, he pressed a button letting his colleagues in the watch room know that he had someone they should run through the facial recognition system.

I inputted the police sketch, just as if it were a photograph, into what we call the Facial Recognition Algorithm program.

Thus, even if he used a false passport, facial recognition software recently installed at every major airport in Europe was sure to pick him up and identify him.