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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Facete \Fa*cete"\, a. [L. facetus elegant, fine, facetious; akin to facies. See Face, and cf. Facetious.] Facetious; witty; humorous. [Archaic] ``A facete discourse.''
--Jer. Taylor.

``How to interpose'' with a small, smart remark, sentiment facete, or unctuous anecdote.
--Prof. Wilson. -- Fa*cete"ly, adv. -- Fa*cete"ness, n.


a. (context archaic English) facetious.

Usage examples of "facete".

The voice that answered was deeply resonant and set an overhead chandelier of a thousand faceted crystals to shivering.

Voyvodan chuckled deeply, setting faceted crystal all over the chamber to chiming.

Another statue, this of a panther, hung about the throat with strands of gold and pearl, and in another place, one of a wolf or an enormous dog, this hung with chains of silver and ice-blue faceted sapphires.

The trail curled off to one side, winding among the beautifully faceted ruins of a small city.

It was nothing to what would have happened if they had run innocently into the midst of the faceted city, where buildings were intelligent minerals who spoke among themselves in slow chords that dissolved organic intelligence with terrible thoroughness.

Even as her hair began to lift, seeking other energies to draw on, the faceted universe the Stones were building blurred.

The gem was much longer than it was thick, and rudely faceted around the edges.

He reached into one of the other small boxes he had brought and took out some faceted red stones.

The first hit one of the faceted eyes, driving deep to release a flood of oozing jelly.

Egyptian linen, with flashing lanterns of faceted carbon or corundum at her wrists or throat or ears.

Most were small faceted diamonds, but there were several sapphires and the fiery green blaze of emeralds.

For a moment, she gazed into its faceted sensor array, and then dots of luminescence skittered across its smooth blackmantle, forming letters.