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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fac \Fac\ (f[a^]k), n. [Abbrev. of facsimile.] A large ornamental letter used, esp. by the early printers, at the commencement of the chapters and other divisions of a book.
--Brande & C.


n. 1 (context military aviation English) forward air controller. 2 flow-accelerated corrosion. 3 flow-assisted corrosion. 4 Fellow of the Atlantic Council. 5 Friday after class. 6 fatal accident control.


FAC may refer to:

Usage examples of "fac".

He knew that an expert, even a jarhead bullet mapet like a Marine FAC, would help.

At tu, O Tisisthenes, ne quid quorum mando nauci fac: necesse enim est mulierem exquirere si qua Vite mysterium impetres et vindicare, quautum in te est, patrem tuum Callieratem in regine morte.

Sun Fac gave way to Archduke Poggle the Lesser, who patted his hands in the air, calling for quiet.

We settled me into the FAC hootch, a screened, open-windowed wooden hut.

Hades by metonymy for the grave, or have imagined that a shadowy fac simile of what was interred in the grave went into the grim kingdom of Pluto.

Lewrie looked down and saw his trousers, waistcoat and fac- ings blotched black in the gloom with dried blood as if he had been wallowing in an abbatoir.

Besides these settlements along the sea-coast of the peninsula, and on the banks of the Ganges, the English East India company possess certain inland fac tories and posts for the convenience and defence of their commerce, either purchased of the nabobs and rajahs, or conquered in the course of the war.

FACs were the go between for the fighter bombers and the army on the ground.

It had only just received a report from Barevi, citing the disappearance of one of the new transporter vessels as well as over 2,000 slaves, destined for the mining colony at The Sot Fac Set which had been expecting replacements for unavoidable casualties in a major shaft collapse.

Juste Judex ultionis, Righteous Judge of retribution, donum fac remissionis grant the gift of absolution ante diem rationis.

A FAC was a forward air controller, who flew a small propeller-driven plane.

But now it seems that a confluence of fac tors makes it necessary to confide in you.