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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
fabulously rich (=extremely rich)
▪ She must have been fabulously rich to live in a house like this.
very/extremely/immensely/fabulously etc wealthy
▪ He left as a poor, working class boy and returned as a wealthy man.
▪ And she must have been fabulously rich to live in a house like this.
▪ Everybody I met would surely be either fabulously wealthy, extremely intelligent or both.
▪ In short they are all now fabulously wealthy.
▪ But, despite the odd anomaly the result is a fabulously charming children's fable.
▪ Everybody I met would surely be either fabulously wealthy, extremely intelligent or both.
▪ Perhaps after driving so long, they would have found any bit of ground fabulously unmoving.
▪ The coats were ornately if not fabulously stitched with over a mile of gold thread.
▪ The reason for the menu's great size was not because the selection was fabulously extensive.
▪ We'd dearly love to grab squares of iridescent fabric and twist them into fabulously flattering Jerry Hallesque wraps.
▪ Yet the bay is fabulously productive, many times more than an equal volume of ocean.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Fabulous \Fab"u*lous\ (f[a^]b"[-u]*l[u^]s), a. [L. fabulosus; cf. F. fabuleux. See Fable.]

  1. Feigned, as a story or fable; related in fable; devised; invented; not real; fictitious; as, a fabulous description; a fabulous hero.

    The fabulous birth of Minerva.

  2. beyond belief; exceedingly great; as, a fabulous price.

    Fabulous age, that period in the history of a nation of which the only accounts are myths and unverified legends; as, the fabulous age of Greece and Rome. -- Fab"u*lous*ly, adv. -- Fab"u*lous*ness, n.


adv. 1 In a fabulous manner. 2 In fables.


adv. in a fabulous manner; "she was a fabulously gifted player" [syn: fantastically]

Usage examples of "fabulously".

Or gone down to make herself a drink in the kitchen, something she had taken to doing whenever either of them felt thirsty, for she enjoyed a cose with Martha, with whom she got on fabulously.

He no longer kept the daguerreotype on displayit was fabulously antique nowbut he liked being able to see Edward.

There was lobster bisque and baked salmon en croute and roasted vegetables and a leg of lamb and rosemary focaccia and watercress salad and a fabulously ornate wedding cake, chocolate in honor of the groom, that was topped with an odd pair: a pilot sporting a Red Baron hat and a sadistic-looking teacher whose ruler looked like a bayonet.

At seventeen, she had been the mistress of Ruggy Toliver, who had invented the concept of retroactive foreclosure and made himself fabulously rich in the process.

Now maybe you can begin to account for those beautiful gardens, those precision trimmed hedges, that spick and span house, those neat walks, weedless lawn, splendidly cooked meals faultlessly served, and so ad infinituma seeming inexhaustible supply of fabulously cheap man and woman power by our standards.

The breeders were most astute in maintaining their monopoly of the fabulous and fabulously expensive animals, for they sold but few and then only geldings.

We do have some fabulously good times together, I was thinking as the car headed over to Prince Georges County, where I had once confronted a homicidal twelve-year-old during the halcyon days of the Jack and Jill killers, and where Christine Johnson lived.

Theophanu reclined at her ease on a fabulously padded couch, playing chess with one of her ladies while her companions looked on in restful silence.

Fabulously early date of evolution, preceding even simplest Archaean protozoa hitherto known, baffles all conjecture as to origin.

The herb was fabulously expensive here, which only seemed to make males and females want it more.

There was no indication in the letter that the writer, whose name was Eliot Rosewater, was a grownup, was fabulously well-to-do.

Likewise, a class of fabulously wealthy nouveaux riches has arisen among those engaged in smuggling, virtually all of whom are connected to the regime.

Thanks to Sulla, Lucullus is fabulously rich, and has besides control of the fortunes of The Heavenly Twins.

The governor of Further Spain controlled all the south and west of the country from a base in the fabulously fertile hinterlands of the Baetis River, with the mighty old Phoenician city of Gades near its mouth.

Touring these fabulously beautiful gardens, plus the chance to view the artistic delights of the illusionists, seemed a dream come true to the Field Magus.