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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Faba may refer to:

  • Vicia faba, a species of bean
  • 3-hydroxyoctanoyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) dehydratase, an enzyme

Usage examples of "faba".

General considerations--Vicia faba, effects of amputating the tips of the radicles--Regeneration of the tips--Effects of a short exposure of the tips to geotropic action and their subsequent amputation--Effects of amputating the tips obliquely--Effects of cauterising the tips--Effects of grease on the tips--Pisum sativum, tips of radicles cauterised transversely, and on their upper and lower sides--Phaseolus, cauterisation and grease on the tips--Gossypium--Cucurbita, tips cauterised transversely, and on their upper and lower sides--Zea, tips cauterised--Concluding remarks and summary of chapter--Advantages of the sensibility to geotropism being localised in the tips of the radicles.

Manner in which radicles bend when they encounter an obstacle in the soil--Vicia faba, tips of radicles highly sensitive to contact and other irritants--Effects of too high a temperature--Power of discriminating between objects attached on opposite sides--Tips of secondary radicles sensitive--Pisum, tips of radicles sensitive--Effects of such sensitiveness in overcoming geotropism--Secondary radicles--Phaseolus, tips of radicles hardly sensitive to contact, but highly sensitive to caustic and to the removal of a slice--Tropaeolum--Gossypium--Cucurbita--Raphanus--Aesculus, tip not sensitive to slight contact, highly sensitive to caustic--Quercus, tip highly sensitive to contact--Power of discrimination--Zea, tip highly sensitive, secondary radicles--Sensitiveness of radicles to moist air--Summary of chapter.

Gage swallowed his cup of faba in one angry gulp, then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

The Volan sat there for a long while, his own cup of faba untouched in his hand, marveling at the extremes to which love drove humans.