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n. The letter ف in the Arabic script.

FAA (disambiguation)

FAA commonly refers to the Federal Aviation Administration, a United States government agency.

FAA may also refer to:

  • Faà di Bruno an Italian noble family based in the areas of Asti, Casale
  • Angolan Armed Forces (Forças Armadas de Angola)
  • Federación Agraria Argentina, an Argentine agrarian workers' trade union
  • Federació Andorrana d'Atletisme, the governing body for the sport of athletics in Andorra
  • Federação Angolana de Atletismo, the governing body for the sport of athletics in Angola
  • Feildians Athletic Association, an athletic club based in St. John's, Canada
  • Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
  • Finland Steamship Company (Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolag, FÅA)
  • Fleet Air Arm, aviation component of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy
  • Fleet Air Arm (RAN), the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Australian Navy
  • Fuerza Aérea Argentina, the Argentine Air Force
  • Faranah Airport, Guinea (by IATA code)
  • Federal Arbitration Act, a United States legal statute
  • 2-Acetylaminofluorene, also called N-2-Fluorenylacetamide
  • FAA 81 (Spanish: , "Argentine Automatic Rifle"), also known as FARA 83
  • Faa, surname or epithet of the family of the King of the Gypsies in Scotland

Usage examples of "faa".

John Faa poured little glasses of jenniver from a stone crock for himself and Farder Coram, and wine for Lyra.

Lyra and the Costas got there in time to sit at the front, and as soon as the flickering lights showed that the place was crammed, John Faa and Farder Coram came out on the platform and sat behind the table.

When the six family heads had all come up, Farder Coram showed his piece of paper to John Faa, who stood up to address the audience again.

She found John Faa with Farder Coram and the other leaders, looking troubled.

A man in the audience had raised his hand, and John Faa sat down to let him speak.

John Faa let the noise continue for a minute, and then raised his hand for silence again.

John Faa said to Lyra, and took the chair at the head of the table himself.

She was afraid of John Faa, and what she was most afraid of was his kindness.

The first man stood at the back of the platform as John Faa called for the next, and the next, and each came up, laid a bag on the table, and announced the number of men he could muster.

Lord Faa, the one you spoke of as being sought, the one as is sitting in the front row now.

Now, Lord Faa, what we want to know is this: who is this child on account of which we might come to such a pass?

But no one did, and presently John Faa reached for the closing bell and rang it hard and loud, swinging it high and shaking the peals out of it so that they filled the hall and rang the rafters.

But her mind was on John Faa and the parley room, and before long she slipped away up the cobbles again to the Zaal.

So you oughter take me, Lord Faa, excuse me for interrupting your talk.

Down some stairs, or a companionway, there was a small saloon where John Faa was talking quietly with Nicholas Rokeby, the gyptian in charge of the vessel.