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init. face to face


F2F may refer to:

  • Friend-to-friend, a type of private P2P computer network
  • Firewall-to-firewall transfers, an important part of most modern P2P network designs
  • FAI CLASS F2F - Diesel Powered Profile Fuselage Control Line Team Racing Model Aircraft.
  • F2F (TV series), a UK youth chat show
  • Grumman F2F, a biplane fighter aircraft
  • Face to Face (disambiguation)
  • Forecast-to-Fulfil, a term used in supply chain management, particularly in relation to cash flow or financial management
  • Frequency/double frequency or Aiken Biphase. See Differential Manchester encoding.
  • Forward to a Friend The option within marketing emails to forward the email to a contact of yours.
  • Farm to fork, see Farm-tonight-table.
F2F (TV series)

F2F was a youth chat show series on the Granada Talk TV channel; it featured phone-ins, studio guests and comedy sketches/interstitials. The series ran between October 1996 and August 1997 (when the channel was closed). It was presented by Sacha Baron Cohen and Natasha Kaplinsky, in their first major TV roles. Baron Cohen's Ali G and Borat characters first appeared on this programme.

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