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n. ''the name of the letter'' Ʒ, ʒ


Ʒ ʒ

Ʒ ʒ

Ezh (Ʒ ʒ) , also called the "tailed z", is a letter whose lower case form is used in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), representing the voiced postalveolar fricative consonant. For example: vision . It is pronounced as the "s" in "treasure" or the "si" in the word "precision". (See also Ž, the Persian alphabet letter ژ and the Cyrillic ж.)

Ezh is also used as a letter in some orthographies of Skolt Sami, both by itself, and with a caron ( Ǯ ǯ). These denote partially voiced alveolar and post-alveolar affricates, respectively, broadly represented /dz/ and /dʒ/. It also appears in the orthography of some African languages, for example in the Aja language of Benin and the Dagbani language of Ghana, where the uppercase variant looks like a reflected sigma ( Σ).