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EZ or Ez may refer to:

  • Eurozone, the euro area
  • EZ Aquarii, a triple star system
  • DJ EZ, a DJ from Tottenham, North London, UK
  • EZ Rollers, a British drum and bass group
  • An abbreviation for an "express zone" on an express elevator
  • E-ZPass, an electronic toll collection system
  • EZ TAG, an electronic toll collection system
  • EZcode, a two-dimensional bar code system
  • eZ publish, an open source enterprise content management system
  • EZ Word, a word processor that is part of the Andrew User Interface System
  • Czech Republic's FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code
  • Evergreen International Airlines' IATA code
  • Sun Air of Scandinavia's IATA code
  • EZ or Elizabeth Zimmermann, British-born knitter
  • E-Z notation, in Chemistry
  • EZ spheres, free-floating spherical 3D culture of cells
  • Electrolytic Zinc - a common acronym found in Australia for the zinc mining and processing company that operated 1920-1984
  • Ezhou (鄂州), a city in Hubei, China.
  • Exclusion zone, a geographic area in which some sanctioning authority prohibits specific activities